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Britt Dahlman
February 24, 2021 19:31

I maj 2020 fyllde preses för Collegium Patristicum Lundense, Samuel Rubenson, 65 år. Detta firades på Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap, Lunds universitet, genom överlämnandet av en festskrift. Foton från tillställningen kan ses under ”Övrigt” – ”Bilder”. Boken kan beställas via Brill:
Wisdom on the Move: Late Antique Traditions in Multicultural Conversation. Essays in Honor of Samuel Rubenson. Edited by Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Thomas Arentzen, Henrik Rydell Johnsén, and Andreas Westergren (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, 161), Leiden: Brill 2020.
Wisdom on the Move explores the complexity and flexibility of wisdom traditions in Late Antiquity and beyond. This book studies how sayings, maxims and expressions of spiritual insight travelled across linguistic and cultural borders, between different religions and milieus, and how this multicultural process reshaped these sayings and anecdotes. Wisdom on the Move takes the reader on a journey through late antique religious traditions, from manuscript fragments and folios via the monastic cradle of Egypt, across linguistic and cultural barriers, through Jewish and Biblical wisdom, monastic sayings, and Muslim interpretations. Particular attention is paid to the monastic Apophthegmata Patrum, arguably the most important genre of wisdom literature in the early Christian world.
Thomas Arentzen, Henrik Rydell Johnsén & Andreas Westergren, ”Wisdom on the Move: An Introduction”
1. Peter Toth, ”Wisdom in Fragments: The Earliest Manuscript of the First Greek Life of St Pachomius”
2. James E. Goehring, ”Producing Pachomius: The Role of Lower Egypt in the Creation, Reception, and Adaptation of the Pachomian Vita Tradition”
3. Lorenzo Perrone, ”The Wisdom of the Fathers: The Use of the Apophthegmata in the Correspondence of Barsanuphius and John of Gaza”
4. Denis M. Searby, ”The Unmentionable Apophthegm: An Overview of the Pagan Greek Tradition”
5. Britt Dahlman, ”Between East and West: Cassian the Roman in Greek and Latin”
6. Karine Åkerman Sarkisian, ”The Apophthegmata Patrum in the Slavonic Context: A Case Study of Textual Doublets”
7. Anahit Avagyan, ”The Armenian Transmission of the Apophthegmata Patrum”
8. Ute Pietruschka, ”The Monk as Storyteller? On the Transmission of the Apophthegmata Patrum among Muslim Ascetics in Basra”
9. Karin Hedner Zetterholm, ”’Wise Elders’ and ’Nursing Infants’: Wisdom Extended to the Gentiles in the Pseudo-Clementine Homilies”
10. Susan Ashbrook Harvey, ”Training the Women’s Choir: Ascetic Practice and Liturgical Education in Late Antique Syriac Christianity”
11. Miriam L. Hjälm, ”Universal Wisdom in Defence of the Particular: Medieval Jewish and Christian Usage of Biblical Wisdom in Arabic Treatises”
Thomas Arentzen, Henrik Rydell Johnsén & Andreas Westergren, ”Rubenson on the Move: A Biographical Journey”
List of Publications by Samuel Rubenson